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The Canna Financial Group


Canna Financial Group is helping to provide real estate secured loans to businesses related to the Cannabis industry. These loans can be to owner/landlords who are leasing to a 3rd party Cannabis entity or they can be for owner/users who own the occupying cannabis business and the real estate.

These loans can be short term, from 1- 3 years with interest only payments, all the way up to fully amortized 20-year term mortgages. They can also be structured as a hybrid of both scenarios. Our loans are each customized to meet the needs of the borrower and their plans for the future.

​When choosing a short term option one of the things the investor and the borrower need to consider is what is the plan at the end of the term or what will be the take out or refinance plan for the balance of the loan.

When choosing a long term option one of the things to consider is a prepayment penalty which typically takes place if the loan is paid off, or has a large principal reduction, within the first 4 years of the loan.

We will work with each borrower to help structure the best plan to meet their needs.

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